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95% Off Yatırım ve Teknik Analiz Yöntemleri | Online Course

Bu kurs Türkçe, Başlangıç Seviyesinden İleri Seviyeye Yatırım ve Teknik Analiz Uzmanı Olun. Ismek Kurs Kayitlari, Yatırım ve Teknik Analiz Yöntemleri, olusturan Mustafa Küçükakarsu. Yatırım ve Tekn... more ››

78% Off ITC Trade Map ile Hedef Pazar Tespiti – Temel Eğitim | Online Course

Bu kurs Türkçe, İhracata yeni başlayacak firmalar için öncelikli pazarları, hali hazırda ihracat yapan firmalar için yeni pazarların tespitinde ve seçiminde hedef pazarların somut verilerle araştırılm... more ››

90% Off Comparing Agile vs Waterfall Project Management Online Course

Do you want to do Project Management in your future career? Wondering how to compare Agile and PMP Once you already know the basics? Then this Comparing Agile vs Waterfall Project Management course is... more ››

80% Off 人工知能(AI)×IoT×ブロックチェーン時代のテクノロジー | Online Course

AI/IoT/ブロックチェーン/RPA/API/ドローン/VR・AR/3Dプリンター/ビッグデータの全基礎知識とその関係性をおさえます。. Enrolling in course, 人工知能(AI)×IoT×ブロックチェーン時代のテクノロジー/次世代ビジネスモデルノウハウの全ての基礎知識を獲得する講座 which is taught by Shingo Shibata. Take the c... more ››

95% Off Machine Learning 101 with Scikit-learn and StatsModels

Do you want to become a successful data scientist? Then this Machine Learning 101 with Scikit-learn and StatsModels course is perfect for you! Take the course, Machine Learning 101 with Scikit-lear... more ››

95% Off Deep Learning ve Python: A’dan Z’ye Derin Öğrenme (5) | Discount Se...

Bu kurs Türkçe, Python ile Deep Learning algoritmaları geliştirerek Artificial Intelligence amacımıza bir adım daha yaklaşalım. Ismek Kurs Kayitlari, Deep Learning ve Python: A'dan Z'ye Derin Öğrenme ... more ››

95% Off Python ile Yapay Zeka: A’dan Z’ye Reinforcement Learning (7) | Onli...

Bu kurs Türkçe, Yapay Zekanın en gizemli konularından biri olan Reinforcement Learning (Pekiştirmeli Öğrenme) ile geleceğe hazırlanın !! Ismek Kurs Kayitlari, Python ile Yapay Zeka: A'dan Z'ye Reinfor... more ››

33% Off Get Paid To Blog: Ultimate Guide on How to Make Money on Steemit | Online Cours...

In this course, you will exactly how I get my articles into the HOT & Trending section on Steemit & earn crypto. Enrolling in course, Get Paid To Blog: Ultimate Guide on How to Make Money on S... more ››

90% Off Project Management for the Real World | Online Course

In this course, you will journey with Joseph Phillips is a project management consultant, educator, technology consultant, business owner, and technical writer will teach you to become a Better Projec... more ››

95% Off Online Marketing Business: Create Your Agency, Step-by-Step | Online Course

In this course, you will journey with Sean Marshall is a digital entrepreneur, lifestyle business expert, author will teach you start your own internet marketing company & work from home or anywhe... more ››

94% Off Build a WordPress Site that Attracts Unlimited Free Traffic | Online Course

Upon completion of the course, you will know how to use SEO and WordPress in 2019 to attract unlimited free traffic from Google and the other search engines. Enrolling in course, Build a WordPress Sit... more ››

Certified Solidity Developer by Blockchain Council | Blockchain Certification

In this course, will take you on a hands-on journey to get you certified in Certified Solidity Developer (CSD) Certification is a skilled professional who builds Blockchain or Ethereum-based applicati... more ››

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