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92% Off Light Codes and Divine Communication! Online Course

Do you want to expand your awareness? Do you want to bring peace and balance in your life? How to activate Divine Communication? Then this Light Codes and Divine Communication course is perfect for yo... more ››

95% Off Manifesting Abundance for Healers and Psychics | Online Course

In this course, you will journey with Sal Jade and Miriam Castilla will teach you Attracting More Financial Success for Healers and Psychics using Manifestation and Clearing Blocks to Your Abundance. ... more ››

Presence: Venture Into the Heart of Enlightenment by A.H. Almaas

In this course, you will journey with A.H. Almaas and other leading teachers teach you to the discovery of Presence endlessly reveals our true spiritual nature. Enrolling in course, Presence: Venture ... more ››

90% Off How to be a Psychic – Psychic Attunement for All | Online Course

Upon completion of the course, you will understand and attune your soul and 8th chakra for Spiritual Guidance and self-development. Enrolling in course, How to be a Psychic - Psychic Attunement for Al... more ››

95% Off Shamanic Journeying – Your Spiritual Initiation Masterclass | Online Cour...

In this course, you will discover the foundations for effective, safe, intentional shaman pathway journeying that you can apply with ease today. Enrolling in course, Shamanic Journeying - Your Spiritu... more ››

95% Off Buddha’s Touch ~ The Dragon’s Wings! ~ Certified! | Online Course

In this course, you will journey with NIKOLAOS BARALOS is a Divine Communicator will teach you how to apprentice on the Dragon Energy through a unique combination of Eastern Philosophy & Energy He... more ››

35% Off Living a Life of Presence with Eckhart Tolle & More!

In this training, you will journey with Eckhart Tolle, Kim Eng, Marianne Williamson, Matthieu Ricard, Shaka Senghor and other leading teachers teach you to experience the awakening of human consciousn... more ››

33% Off Eckhart Tolle’s At the Source of Being | Audio Training

In these Audio Training, you will journey with the author of New York Times bestsellers Eckhart Tolle teachings on the Arising of the Awakened State. Enrolling in audio training, Eckhart Tolle's At th... more ››

95% Off Develop Your Prophetic Creativity | Online Course

In this course, you'll learn a Christian Approach to Unleashing your God Given Creativity. Enrolling in course, Develop Your Prophetic Creativity, which is taught by Roma Waterman. Course: Develop ... more ››

20% Off Powerful Beyond Measure with Marianne Williamson | Training

In this training, you will journey with Marianne Williamson will offer the theory and practice of age-old methods for transforming difficulty into ease and well-being. Enrolling in Training, Powerful ... more ››

Review: The Healing Trauma Summit Free Access | Online Course

24 Online Training Sessions on Advances in Neuroscience, Attachment Therapy, Spiritual Psychology, and Embodied Approaches to Heal & Transform Trauma. Enrolling in the program, The Healing Trauma ... more ››

Review: Realization Unfolds Online Course by A. H. Almaas and Adyashanti

A Conversation Between Two Visionary Teachers A. H. Almaas and Adyashanti Invite Us to Explore the Path to Spiritual Awakening. Enrolling in Realization Unfolds Online Course. Course: Realization U... more ››

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