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70% Off Build a Realtime App with React Hooks and GraphQL | Online Course

In this course, you will journey with Reed Barger a full-stack web developer with a passion for learning and teaching what he know will teach you Master the latest and greatest features in React withi... more ››

50% Off Curso desenvolvimento web 2.0 completo 2018 Python e Django | Online Course

Neste curso, você será se torne um programador web do zero absoluto. Aprenda HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Python, Django, Git, Heroku e muito mais. Se inscrever em Curso desenvolvimento web 2.0 completo 2... more ››

90% Off Python Web Development With Flask – PostgreSQL – Heroku | Online Co...

In this course, you'll learn to build scalable Python Web Applications with Flask, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, git, and Heroku With Awesome Project. Enrolling in course, Python Web Development With Flask ... more ››

89% Off 【Django 2.0】作りながら覚えるDjango | Online Course

初心者でも安心!Djangoを使ったウェブサイト構築の基本を最初の一歩からデプロイまでをステップバイステップで解説。自分のアイディアを世界に発信しよう! Enrolling in course, 【Django 2.0】作りながら覚えるDjango which is taught by Dai Takahashi. Course: 【Django 2.0】作りながら覚えるDjango Au... more ››