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95% Off Mathematics for Computer Games Development using Unity | Online Course

In this course, you will journey with Penny de Byl is a full stack developer of most things computer sciency and academic with a true passion for teaching will teach you get Essential Mathematics, Dat... more ››

86% Off 【今からでも間に合う!】プログラミングなしで、AI開発・機械学習を理解するための数学講座 | Online Course

AIプログラミングや機械学習・深層学習を理解するための数学的な基礎知識を短期間に学んで、AI時代に取り残されず活躍できるようになりましょう!プログラミングをせずに基本的な数学用語を丁寧に学んでいきます。 Enrolling in course, 【今からでも間に合う!】プログラミングなしで、AI開発・機械学習を理解するための数学講座 which is taught by 井上 博樹 (Hiroki... more ››

95% Off 2018 KPSS Matematik | Online Course

Bu kurs Türkçe, 2018 Kpss Matematik Konu Anlatımı ve Soru Çözümü videoları. Ismek Kurs Kayitlari, 2018 KPSS Matematik, olusturan Ersen Toplu. Course: 2018 KPSS Matematik Author: Ersen Toplu (Mimar... more ››

95% Off Regression Analysis for Statistics & Machine Learning in R | Online Course...

In this course, you'll learn Complete Hands-On Regression Analysis for Practical Statistical Modelling and Machine Learning in R. Enrolling in course, Regression Analysis for Statistics & Machine ... more ››

90% Off Master the Fundamentals of Math | Online Course

In this course, you'll learn everything from the Fundamentals, then test your knowledge on 90+ quiz questions. Enrolling in course Master the Fundamentals of Math, which is taught by Krista King. C... more ››