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92% Off Dominando TypeScript | Online Course

Domine o Type Script e leve seu JavaScript a um outro nível, aprenda TypeScript e utilize os principais Frameworks JS. If you’re interested in Dominando TypeScript, try this course today. Course: D... more ››

92% Off 科学技術計算のためのPython入門 | Online Course

Pythonの初歩的な文法からデバッグ、可視化、計算高速化までトータルスキルを学ぼう. If you’re interested in 科学技術計算のためのPython入門, try this course today. Take the course, 科学技術計算のためのPython入門. Here are some of the things you'll be able to do ... more ››

68% Off Sympyで学ぶ 数学入門:微分・積分・線形代数からコード生成まで | Online Course

難しい数式はプログラミングにまかせよう. Enrolling in course, Sympyで学ぶ 数学入門:微分・積分・線形代数からコード生成まで which is taught by Tetsuya T. Take the course, Sympyで学ぶ 数学入門:微分・積分・線形代数からコード生成まで. Here are some of the things you'll be a... more ››

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