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FREE Trauma Skills Summit Course

Discover skills, practices, and tools to develop greater resiliency, inner peace, healthier relationships, and more—for self-healing and working with others. Enrolling in FREE Trauma Skills Summit Cou... more ››

60% Off Trauma Skills Summit Online Course

In this course, you will journey with 24 Worldwide Leaders in the Field of Trauma Healing teach you to learn how tending to your own trauma recovery can be a deeply personal process, and how far-reach... more ››

The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge with Adyashanti

"Who am I?" It’s one of the great questions at the heart of philosophy and spiritual inquiry - and in The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge with Adyashanti, Adyashanti will guide you in exploring it fully. Ove... more ››

50% Off Nonviolent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg

In this course, you will journey with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg was a psychologist who pioneered the development of the process of Nonviolent Communication helps you to live more peacefully with yourself... more ››

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