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In this course, you’ll learn everything from Calculus 1, then test your knowledge on 220+ quiz questions. Enrolling in Course Become a Calculus 1 Master, which is taught by Krista King.

Course: Become a Calculus 1 Master
Bestselling in Calculus | Math & Science
Author: Krista King
Description: Learn everything from Calculus 1, then test your knowledge on 220+ quiz questions
Skill Level: All Levels
Content: 18.5 hours
Lessons: 231
Languages: English
Includes: Lifetime access
Categories: Academics / Math & Science
There is no risk: 30-day money back guarantee!
Learn Anywhere Available: iPhone, iPad, Tablets, iOS and Android
Recognition Certificate: Course Certificate of Completion.

Take the course, Become a Calculus 1 Master. Here are some of the things you’ll be able to do after taking this course:
You will learn precalculus, including everything about functions, their graphs, and how to modify functions.
You will learn Applications of Derivatives, including two of the hardest topics from Calc 1: optimization and related rates
You will learn derivatives, including all of the derivative rules, the infamous chain rule, and how to do implicit differentiation
You will learn limits & Continuity, including how to solve every kind of limit problem, and how to find discontinuities in a function

Who this course is for:
This course is for anyone who wants to study calculus for fun after being away from school for a while
This course is for anyone who is completed Algebra and some Trigonometry/Precalc and wants to take the next step
This course is for homeschool parents looking for extra support with calculus
This course is for current calculus students or students about to start calculus who are looking to get ahead

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