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In this course, you will journey with NIkolay Naydenov is a 3d character artist and tutor who teaches aspiring video creators how to In this course we will sculpt and draw a female body and head from scratch in Zbrush with tons of anatomy explanation. Enrolling in course, Female anatomy for artists which is taught by NIkolay Naydenov.

Take the course, Female anatomy for artists. Here are some of the things you’ll be able to do after taking this course:
You will make the overall shape of a female head. Then you will learn make the torso shape. Next you will learn make the legs, and we will talk about their forms and muscles too. Feet are pretty much ignored by most artists, but we will learn about them too . After that, we will jump to the muscles and bones of the arms, which are also pretty interesting, so make sure not to miss it!
Then you will make the basic form of the breasts, followed by hands and fingers. At this point, you will start detailing the face, where we will talk about proportions, sculpt, and draw all the face features, like eyes, nose, mouth, and as a bonus – the eyeballs.
You will continue with duplicating the head, and make a male head out of it. You will do the same with the torso, arms, legs, feet and hands, so we will have a separate male model for comparison.
Then you will be time to combine all the parts of the female body and refine some areas. You will learn add eyebrows and eyelashes, nails, and you will cover certain areas for a bit of a decency. Last, you will learn how to paint human skin and makeup and also make hair for better presentation.

Who this course is for:
This course is intended for people who don’t feel quite at home when drawing or sculpting human anatomy, and more specifically – female anatomy.
This course is an excellent choice!

Course: Female anatomy for artists
Author: NIkolay Naydenov (3d character artist and tutor)
Categories: Design, 3D & Animation, Anatomy
Includes: 13 hours on-demand video, 135 lectures, Unlimited access watch the course as many times as you wish! 30-day money back guarantee! Learn at your own pace wherever and whenever on the computer, mobile device, or tablet, and Certificate of completion to present to your current or future employer!

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