Free Course Establishing New Habits for Positive Change with Kelly McGonigal

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The secrets to lasting habit change . . . Join Dr. Kelly McGonigal for a free video teaching to learn the factors that make behavioral change possible …

Learn how to fully embrace the change process and add positive new habits to your life when you join Kelly McGonigal for a free video – Establishing New Habits for Positive Change.

At about this time each year, thousands of New Year’s resolutions vanish in puffs of frustration and impatience. This is so prevalent that it’s become a kind of culture-wide joke—and it’s more than possible that right now even you are considering giving up on a resolution of your own.

Discover the latest neurological and psychological research into the mechanics of habit change. Explore the essential supporting factors and foundations needed to permanently instill new behaviors

But why is that? Is it because you don’t have the strength or willpower to follow through? Or is it really because you chose the wrong resolution in the first place?

As it turns out, making that initial choice is more important than it might seem. Over my years teaching and researching the nature of the mind, I’ve delved deep into the nature of stress, the power and limits of willpower, and the joy of becoming more comfortable with our physical bodies. Recently, my research has focused on the inner workings of behavioral change. I’ve discovered that in order to permanently install a new habit, you first need to choose that habit with clear eyes and intentions.

Even though I’ve published multiple books and given popular TED talks, I’ve always felt most comfortable as a teacher. Now, I’m genuinely excited to be able to share some of my insights into my process in a conversation with Sounds True producer Kriste Peoples. Join us for this exciting, informative, and FREE session

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to follow through on those January 1 intentions and make them a daily reality, I highly recommend that you register for what’s sure to be a lively and informative teaching session.

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