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Ever wonder how content creators, authors, brands, founders, speakers and entrepreneurs grow their audiences?

There are many different avenues to reach your desired influence, income and impact, but one factor stands above all else…

Without this one ingredient, nothing else matters, and that is how well you tell your story.

Your story is the single most important factor in determining whether your book, podcast, or any online content you offer sinks or swims.

That’s why our friends at Sounds True–a multimedia publisher with over 3 decades of experience selling thousands of books, audios, podcasts, online courses–created an intensive training called Your Story Matters: An 8-Week LIVE Online Training to Tell Your Story, Attract Ideal Clients, and Make a Greater Impact in the World.

This course is designed to help anyone–introverts, ambiverts, extroverts, youth, elders, empaths, spiritual folk, professionals–learn to tell their story in a way that connects with others.

Inside Your Story Matters, you’ll learn the exact methods Sounds True has used in over 250 launches that have collectively sold over 350,000 online courses.

But this training doesn’t stop at online courses. They have also brought in guests to share teachings on specific applications such as email, TEDx Talks, book proposals, movement building, marketing, video creation, spiritual teaching, and more.

THIS is how you grow your audience and build connection…

THIS is how you grow your influence, income, and impact authentically…

Your Story Matters, will you leverage it to attract, inspire, and–most importantly–help others?

In Your Story Matters course, you’ll learn:

  • How to bring neuroscience, spirituality, and story together to create successful content
  • How you can use 6 archetypes in your story
  • How to go beyond a product to create a larger movement (all great leaders tell stories, from Martin Luther King Jr. to Brené Brown and traditions such as the Sufis, Tibetans, shamans, and more)
  • How to find the courage to share your story if you are part of a marginalized community
  • Methods to get quick attention online to stand out in a crowded market

This course includes:

8 LIVE Online Story Sessions with Q&A with Richard & Kylie [10+ Hours]

A Private Course Portal with Downloadable Access to Course Materials Including Worksheets

Video, Audio, and Transcript from Every Course Session

Members-Only Online Community: A private community site exclusively for Your Story Matters

Plus Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Five Additional Storytelling Application Sessions to Integrate Story into Book Proposals, TEDx Talks, Video Content, and More [4+ Hours]

Bonus #2: Video Script Mastery – Learn How to Integrate Video into Your Online Promotions and Launches with Richard Taubinger

Bonus #3: Podcast Alchemy – How to Build Your Audience & Get Your Message Out to Thousands of People with Kylie Slavik

If this is what you’re interested in, click the “Click to Redeem” button to join the course today.

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